How to See a Doctor or Nurse

Following our patient survey at the end of last year and many comments from all of you during consultations with doctors or nurses here, we have decided to make alterations to our daily service and remove the walk-in clinic which we have been operating on Mondays and Thursdays.  Many of you have been unhappy having to turn up on walk-in clinic days and wait some considerable time before being seen by a doctor.  We have listened to what you’ve said.

Please call us, Monday to Friday to:

  • either book an appointment in advance to see a GP or a nurse;
  • or, for an urgent appointment on the same day, a member of the practice team will first take your details and a doctor will then call you back to either give you advice over the telephone or book you an appointment for that day or another day.

Use your health service wisely.  Accident and Emergency at your local hospital are there for just that; an accident or emergency only.  They are there for things like a major injury or a life threatening condition.

Don’t forget that your local pharmacy is often able to help with a large number of minor illnesses, so you may even want to contact them.

For any other emergencies, if it outside the hours that we are open, you should contact NHS 111.

Please be aware that it is not always possible to be seen by your preferred GP. This is because our GP’s all work at varying times across the week and may not be available on the day when you need to see them. We will however endeavour to try and accommodate requests for a particular GP where possible.

We offer telephone consultations for when you feel that there is not a need to see a GP but where telephone advice may be appropriate.

We also offer appointments with our senior practice nurse who can advise patients about minor ailments.

If you can’t keep your appointment, please let us know in good time so that it is available for us to offer to another patient. Patients who continuously fail to turn up for their appointments may be asked to find an alternative GP Practice.

We have a ‘Touch Screen’ booking in system, so when you arrive, please use this to let us know that you have arrived.