Practice Staff

Receptionist / Administration

Dierdre Kearney – Female, Deputy Reception Manager
Deirdre covers for the Patient Services & Operations Manager in her absence. She is also responsible for cytology, mammography and child immunisation recall/recording.

Lisa Headlam – Female, Receptionist / Scanning Administration

Carole Murrary – Female, Patient Services Officer
Carole covers the deputy Reception Manager in her absence. She is also responsible for referral and website responses.

Jo Esaw – Female, Receptionist / General Administrator

Patricia Hamilton – Female, Health Care Assistant

Mandy Bellevue

Natasha March

Lucie Mitchell

Dilan Ali Osman

Lambeth Community Diabetes Service Team

Clinical Staff

Dierdre McGowan – Female, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Caroline Rook – Female, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Ilse Reece – Female, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Maya Allen-Taylor – Female, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Monique Boerkamp – Female, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Monica De Silva – Female, Health Care Assistant (HCA)

Patricia Hamilton – Female, Health Care Assistant (HCA)

Administration Staff

Rachel O’Reilly – Female, Service Co-ordinator & Admin Manager

Liz Lothian – Female, Receptionist / General Administration

Ezara Thompson – Female, Receptionist / General Administration

Tara Brown – Female, Service Co-ordinator & Administrator

Michael Ojo – Male, Receptionist / General Administrator

Rachel O’Reilly – Female, on maternity leave – 1 year